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Submitted or preparation

Acuna, DE, Achakulvisut, T., Kording, K “Unsupervised reviewer-article assignment based on topic models” (In preparation)

Acuna, DE, Aghasedehi, N, Hargrove, L, Perrault, E, Kording, K “Estimation of locomotion mode and gait cycle using a hierarchical Bayesian dynamical model” (In preparation)

Journal articles

Acuna, DE, Berniker, M, Fernandes, H, Kording, K, (2015) “Using psychophysics to ask if the brain samples or maximizes”, Journal of Vision [Supplemental material]

Lancichinetti, A, Sirer, MI., Wang, J. X, Acuna, DE, Kording, K., Amaral, LAN, (2015) “A high-reproducibility and high-accuracy method for automated topic classification”, Physical Review X

Acuna, DE, Wymbs, Nicholas F, Reynolds, Chelsea A., Picard, N, Turner, RS, Strick, PL, Grafton, ST, Kording, KP (2014) “Multi-faceted aspects of chunking enable robust algorithms”, Journal of Neurophysiology [Code]

Acuna, DE, Penner, O, Orton CG, (2013) “The future h-index is an excellent way to predict scientists’ future impact”, Med. Phys. 40, 110601

Acuna, DE, Allesina, S, Kording, KP (2012) “Future impact: Predicting scientific success”, Nature, Volume 489, Number 7415, 201-202

Avraham, G, Nisky, I, Fernandes HL, Acuna, DE, Kording, KP, Loeb, GE, Karniel A. (2011) “Towards perceiving robots as humans – Three handshake models face the Turing-like handshake test”, IEEE Transactions on Haptics

Acuna, DE, Schrater, P. (2010) “Structure learning in human sequential decision-making”, PLoS Computational Biology

Acuna, DE, Parada, V. (2010) “People efficiently explore the solution space of the computationally intractable traveling salesman problem to find near-optimal tours”, PLoS ONE 5(7)

Conference articles

Acuna, DE, Schrater, P. (2009) “Improving Bayesian reinforcement learning using transition abstraction”, ICML/UAI/CLT Workshop on Abstraction in Reinforcement Learning 2009

Acuna, DE, Schrater, P. (2009) “Structure learning in human sequential decision-making”, NIPS 2008

Acuna, DE, Schrater, P. (2008) “Bayesian modeling of human sequential decision-making on the Multi-Armed Bandit Problem”, COGSCI 2008


Acuna, DE, (2011) Rational Bayesian analysis of sequential decision-making under uncertainty in humans and machines, Ph.D. Thesis, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Other publications

Acuna, DE, Green, CS, Schrater, P (2010) “The rational control of aspiration in learning”, COSYNE 2010 (Abstract and poster presentation)

Acuna, DE, Green, CS, Schrater, P (2010) “Decision-making in unbounded environments using nonparametric Bayesian Reinforcement Learning”, NIPS 2010 Workshop on Bounded-rational analyses of human cognition: Bayesian models, approximate inference, and the brain (Poster presentation)

Acuna, DE, Parada, V, Schrater, P (2009) “Skill acquisition and performance on the Traveling Salesman Problem”, Center for Cognitive Science, Spring Research Day (Poster presentation)

Acuna, DE, Schrater P.(2009) “Structure learning in human sequential decision-making”, COSYNE 2009